Site Audit & Warranty Inspections

Building expert in hardhat outdoors carrying out audit

Need a height safety audit? Then we can help.

Independent Height Safety (IHS) will work within all relevant height safety codes, standards and legislation to ensure that your business complies with current standards of height safety requirements. We will audit your current height safety regulations and find any issues, risks or potential for improvement.

A height safety system audit on your building will:

  • Identify areas of concern by conducting a risk assessment
  • Comply with industry best practices
  • Ensure existing components and equipment have had recertification and inspections carried out as per manufacturer’s requirements
  • Offer practical and compliant solutions that will assist you in making the often-necessary changes to your workplace safety culture

By implementing and following our recommendations from audits you will be able to provide a safer work environment and be able to prove that you have fulfilled your obligations under the current Australian standards. If you are looking to implement an effective height safety system that complies with the Australian height safety standards, then IHS will be able to advise you.