Safety system installations doesn’t end with the installation.

Under Australian law, all height safety and access systems are required to be inspected and re-certified as meeting Australian standards on an annual basis. This includes anchor points, fall arrest systems, handrails and static lines.

Independent Height Safety (IHS) is qualified to carry out this industry standard testing and has extensive experience and knowledge in this area. IHS will provide competitive quotes on any part of a height safety system that fails testing, or for any system that requires upgrading to meet current Australian Standards. Systems will be made compliant and safe to specific manufacturers standards to reduce liability in the event of fall or accident.

Due to the inherent risks of working at heights, it is vitally important that fall prevention, fall arrest and fall restraint systems be kept in proper working order so that they function as designed in the event of a fall. We provide yearly reminders around 30 days in advance of the time lapse and act swiftly and efficiently when certification is required.

Re-certification of height safety and roof access systems involves checking and testing all systems for defects or to ensure compliance and reduced liability. Each certification is supplied with a certificate of currency and a full report including observations, findings and recommendations.